Human reso urce

Human resource:

Company has the high quality, high efficient management team, leading the technical team and rich experience, quality of construction team.After years of development, in human resources management has formed a perfect management system, and the performance orientation, talent development, team spirit as the core of human resource management.Company personnel with professional staff professionalism throughout the work always, companies with good corporate culture to shape the whole team Shared values and a sense of mission, make the enterprise full of cohesion.


Talent concept:

Talent is the most valuable wealth of TERECK.Talent bring the biggest opportunities for development, TERECK provide the most suitable stages for talent. TERECK follow the principle of equality, with good promotion space, strive to make every employee can give full play to their talents.


Training and development:

People is the important resources in the enterprise, the company is very pay attention to talent development and training, through the construction of learning organization, advocate employee and enterprise grow together, in today's learning to create the wonderful future and opportunity, promote the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Salary and welfare:

Companies offer competitive salary, benefits, and establish a sound system of salary, benefits, maximum limit arouse people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.More employees to create the elegant and comfortable office environment, let employees happy.


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